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Adding or Dropping Subject Alternative Names from UCC Certificates

After your Multiple Domain (UCC) SSL certificate is issued, you can add or remove Subject Alternative Names (SANs) at any time. SANs are the additional, non-primary domain names secured by your UCC SSL certificate.

If you're using a UCC on a Microsoft Exchange® or IIS server, do not use these instructions. Instead, you need to rekey your certificate (more info).

To Add or Remove Subject Alternative Names

  1. Inicia sesión en tu Administrador de cuentas.
  2. Haz clic en Certificados SSL.
  3. Junto al certificado que deseas administrar, haz clic en Iniciar.
  4. From the Filters list, click Certificates.
  5. Click the UCC certificate you want to manage.
  6. Haz clic en Administrar.
  7. Sigue uno de estos procedimientos:
    • To add a SAN: In the New Subject Alt Name field, enter a new Subject Alt Name and click Add.
      • SANs do not need to be fully qualified domain names. For example, if you need cool or example covered, you can put that as a SAN. But, you need to know how your server is configured to properly secure everything.
    • To remove a SAN: Click the X next to SAN you want to remove.

      NOTE: After any SAN change, download the new certificate and install it on your server. When you delete a SAN, the new certificate is available in minutes. When you add a SAN, it must be vetted. You'll receive an email after vetting is complete. For more information, see Descargar un certificado SSL.

  8. Haz clic en Administrar.

Once a new certificate is issued, the original certificate will no longer be valid. You must replace the original certificate on the original hosting server.

For installation instructions based on your server see Instalación de un SSL: Instrucciones para el servidor.

Installing on Multiple Servers

If you want to install the UCC on multiple servers, export the private key from the original server and import it on the additional servers you want to secure. Then, install the UCC on the new servers.

If you need further information regarding the replacement of an existing certificate or the import/export of a private key, contact the manufacturer of your hosting server software.

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